Intuitive User Experience

When you look at the screen, navigation is obvious and easy

An intuitive, clear and simple to navigate User Interface differentiates a company immediately. The website, mobile application or web based application should all be easy to read and feel comfortable to the end user. The interface makes sense and navigation is a breeze.

Successful businesses prosper because they clearly understand their customers’ needs. This perspective is fundamental to the user experience both in person and on-line. An intuitive, clear and simple to navigate User Interface is necessary for the customer to understand, search and navigate the website or other mobile device.


Everything on each page needs to be clear and easily understood. Menus, text, headlines, primary photos, background images, everything must be clear and quickly understood. Typography should be clean and easy to read. Body copy must be easily understood by the target audience. And photos should be recognizable at a glance.


Many newer websites use responsive templates, but the stock responsive interface is rarely the best choice. Menu items may be clear in the desktop version, but are difficult to navigate and display on a small mobile device. Forms can also be challenging to navigate if they are not designed properly. To maximize the user experience, the interface should be tested and made as easy to use as possible.


While greater than 50% of all websites are now viewed on a tablet or mobile device, they are not designed to be navigated with a single thumb at the bottom of the screen. A mobile website should take into consideration how it will be used and navigated. For desktop based websites or web applications, navigation, forms and button placement should be carefully considered when designing the User Interface.

Test and Test Again

If the Interface isn’t easy to navigate, customers will get confused, frustrated and likely leave. The only way to measure this is to test the interface, click every button and fill in the forms like a customer.

Surfing a webpage, checking your account balance or entering a form should all be intuitive and easy for anyone to navigate.
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