Simplicity of Expression

A user interface must be simple, intuitive, and elegant.

Matican Group utilized the following five principles When designing a User Experience

At its core, elegance is about being graceful with purpose built into its design.  A customer or employee can’t have an amazing user experience while interacting with an interface that is unorganized and cumbersome.

Simple Color Palette

There is a lot of science and study on what makes great colors for a variety of businesses. Red is known for its power, warmth, passion, and action. Blue represents dignity, trust, confidence, and loyalty. Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple all have their associated meanings – but too much color or contrasting colors evokes feelings of confusion and lack of focus. Each color must have a purpose or reason for being on the page. Often we start with simple line drawings – black ink on white paper or even white ink on black paper. Once the core design or Wireframe is done, then we revise and look for opportunities to elevate the user interface using colors.

Intuitive Layout

A user interface that is both simple and powerful at the same time is elegance defined.  The user should be able to find what they are looking for or accomplish their goal in three clicks or less.  An Intuitive User Interface requires testing and modification even after the website or application is built, the user will continue to evolve.

Purposeful Imagery

Images and design elements should be carefully selected to complement the layout. Complex designs or busy photos are a distraction, pulling the user away from their purpose on the website. While custom photography is best, currently available images can also be used if they are selected carefully with the related content in mind.


Selecting a type style that is both easy to read on a variety of devices and expresses the image of the company is a delicate balance.  Consideration also needs to be made on the font availability globally.  The font must be responsive and scale between a variety of screen sizes and delivery platforms. Line spacing should be consistent and the background must be picked with caution so it gives the page balance and readability

Nothing Unnecessary

Once the site or application is complete, evaluate how the end-user navigates the interface. What do they click on, what do they look at, where do they want to go. If it doesn’t need to be there, then remove it.

There is a lot of science and study on what makes great colors for a variety of businesses.

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