Scalable Automation

To scale efficiently, consistency and automation are required.

Having great processes and using up-to-date technology are key components of a business scaling, but automation of the processes through technology allows a business to grow quicker with better measurement. Automation starts with simple tasks and grows to more complex operations as the business scales. Businesses must constantly question “Why are we doing things this way?” and determine if the process is consistent and efficient.

Simple examples of business automation include electronic employee records and scheduling software over employee folders, manual punch clocks, and a printed schedule posted on the wall. But as the business grows, the automation also grows more complex but the time savings also grow rapidly allowing the company to scale quickly.


In this era, customers expect more from service providing companies. They want engagement, they want you to know what they want even if they don't themselves.


Managing resources and tracking Inventory using ledgers and manual paperwork are a thing of the past.


Deliver the Customer Experience you’d be delighted to have.


Wholesale distribution industry is changing rapidly, are you ready?


A seismic shift has occurred and Education is changing, A shift brought on by the pandemic yet led by technology.


Agricultural services matter greatly to a nation’s well-being. They provide jobs and nutrition that affect the present and the future.


Your patients and employees are already dealing with enough pain, Managing documents and scheduling shouldn’t add to the hassle.

Scalable Automation can also be used with customer interactions. Online stores like Amazon, hotel reservations, purchasing airline tickets, restaurant reservations, purchasing concert tickets, online banking, and ordering takeout are all great examples of where a business can scale through automating specific processes.

And many times, employees and customers enjoy the automation. It makes their lives easier as well, giving them instant access to information and the ability to make purchases any time of the day.

Reducing Errors

Processes can be streamlined through carefully planned automation. Forms can be auto-populated with key information based on contextual clues or previous account history. Simple checking of fields can minimize data entry errors, such as making sure there is the correct number of digits in a phone number.

Improving Connectivity

Automation via email or text messages improves employee and customer communication and reduces employee time. Common examples include text messages to remind you of doctor or dental appointments, email messages to remind employees of common deadlines, and customer loyalty programs.

Increasing Productivity

Automation increases productivity by staying one step ahead of the customer or employee and making proactive suggestions on the next step based on the process.

Eliminating Redundant Manual Tasks with Automation

We all hate entering our credit card number every time we have to make a purchase. Allowing a customer to enter their credit card information and then purchasing an item with one click is amazing customer service. In the business world, using QR codes or RFID chips to quickly identify objects and pull up the correct screen reduces manual data entry and increases accuracy.

Better Customer Service

Many customer service calls have been eliminated by allowing the customer to check their account balances, order status, or track a package without having to call a Customer Service Representative. Also, automating emails during a manufacturing process lets the customer know where their product is at every step of the manufacturing without having to call the company.

Client Stories

Explore real-world examples of business transformation through Matican Group’s Client Stories. These inspiring case studies showcase how Matican Group has helped businesses overcome growth challenges and unlock their true potential.

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