Strategic Web Design

A website, web-based application, or mobile site has 3 to 5 seconds to establish trust. Strategic Web Design is required to build that trust.
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94% of first impressions come from the web design of your website.

The website is often the first point of contact with a customer and creates an extremely important first impression. Like in life, the first impression is built first on how someone looks and later on what they say. A website is no different – how the website looks matters significantly. The website must have a design that creates an amazing first impression. Without a great Strategic Web Design, a customer will never read the content, they will visit, glance at one page and then bounce to another company.

A Strategic Web Design is necessary to build trust and represent the brand in the best way possible. Strategic Design takes into consideration careful planning, an easy & clear design concept, and a straightforward, simple-to-navigate design.

Because the website represents the brand 24 / 7 / 365, Strategic Web Design requires a strong understanding of the company’s brand before the website is created. When you think of major international brands such as Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, their digital presence matches their physical appearance and brand. This is done through careful composition which includes the selection of shapes, color, fonts, photos, and layout. Strategic Design provides the overall perception of the “quality cue” of the website and the company or organization.

A clear understanding of your business or organization is required before beginning the Web Design process. These questions will answer the action points or reasons for customer decisions and align the website with the company’s or organization’s brand.

Why does the organization or company exist? What is its passion or purpose?

In Strategic Design, we always start with the “Why”.  Establishing a strong “Why” is very important in establishing purpose in the business or organization.  Without the Why, Strategic Design is pointless.

Who are our customers?

When developing the Strategic Web Design, you need to clearly understand who you are “talking to” or who the target audience is. The text, images, colors and design on the website should speak directly to your customer.

What is the purpose? What do we need to say or accomplish?

Without a good understanding of purpose, it’s difficult to build a website that accomplishes anything. When a person visits your website, is the goal to educate them, guide them to purchasing a product or service, have them visit your store, or dine at your restaurant? Determining what you want to accomplish in the beginning helps to establish the purpose of the website’s design and how you will communicate this purpose to the target audience.


How will success be measured?

Measuring the success of a Strategic Web Design is nearly as important as the design itself. Is the success based on page views, products sold, or contracts closed? By having a clear goal of success, the design of the website can be built around the goals.

How does strategic web design help deliver your message?

Strategic Web Design must consider how your target audience will respond to the information presented on the site. Does the website need more photos, videos, articles, blogs? This all goes back to the expectations of the target audience. For example, a younger consumer-oriented target audience might prefer short videos, while an engineering company or accounting firm might prefer detailed articles.

Strategic Web Design determines the way we communicate. Great communication opens doors and closes deals.









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