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These Strategic Conclave series are designed for an in-depth discussion with the goal of producing tangible takeaways.

Conclaves are a great venue to learn from peers, present new ideas, debate ideas, sharpen your thoughts and messages, and improve the articulation of your ideas. The discussions are meant to stimulate your thinking and help you solve challenges you may be facing at work, with clients and partners.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 | Petroleum Club, Downtown Houston

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Know Before You Sell

Using your knowledge to turn the features of your products into selling points.

Problems with Over-designing

Over design is when you let perfect become the enemy of good.

Digitization of Sale

Wholesale distribution industry is changing rapidly, are you ready?

Strategic Digital Solutions

Developing a Strategic Solution is actively making deliberate, planned, and tactical decisions for the overall, long-term benefit of your vision.

Matican Group would rather be very very good at a few, specific skill sets than mediocre at a whole lot of different things. For this reason, we focus on the following five Strategic Solutions.

Strategic Web Design

A website, web based application or mobile site has 3 to 5 seconds to establish trust.  Strategic Design is required to build that trust.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive, clear, and simple-to-navigate User Interface is necessary for the customer to understand, search and navigate the website or other mobile device.

Ubiquitous Solution

Businesses operate 24 / 7 / 365 and this means creating solutions that can be everywhere, work seamlessly between platforms and without effort on the user.

Scalable Automation

At its core, Scalable Automation is a part of Business Process Management where you map out a process in a specific workflow to get a very high-level overview.

Online Commerce

Everyone with an online presence can benefit from the ability to interact with B2C or B2B relationships at a scale not previously available.

Best Practices

Matican Group hates seeing companies fail.  It’s not pretty. But it’s often preventable by asking some simple questions.  We ask those tough questions.  We want to see these businesses succeed.  We build smart solutions that help navigate…

Some of our best practices that we have adopted and use on a daily basis.

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